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George Walton Lucas, Jr. (born May 14, 1944) is an American film producer, screenwriter, director, and entrepreneur. He is the founder of Lucasfilm Limited, and he is also the chairman and chief executive of his company. However, in 2012, precisely on 30 October, he sold it to The Walt Disney Company .
He is well-known as the creator of the space-saga Star Wars and the archeologist character Indiana Jones. He is one of Hollywood’s most successful filmmakers.
He is currently the second largest single shareholder of Disney.

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James Horner worked on George Lucas' attraction Captain EO starring Michael Jackson.

He finally composed the soundrack to one of the THX logos, a quality brand name created by George Lucas.



With their expanded 74-minute edition of The Land Before Time (1988), the diligent folks at Intrada bring back into the spotlights one of the absolute masterpieces of James Horner’s long and distinguished career. The music sounds as punchy and clear as ever, showcasing the flawless playing by the London Symphony Orchestra. The sound quality of the new edition is really incredible: we really feel like we are sitting next to the orchestra, privy to the slightest sound and little gasps of breath coming from the musicians. It feels like discovering the music all over again.This was necessary for this sumptuous music that


After the artistic and commercial success of his first animation project, 1982’s The Secret of N.I.M.H., Disney alumnus Don Bluth (born 1937) and his newly established studio went from a separate entity that produced animation to part of a major marketing machine. This was due to input from and dealings with the business sides of Universal Studios and Steven Spielberg’s Amblin. In fact, Spielberg loved N.I.M.H., lavishing praise on Bluth for sticking to a drawing style that had been all but abandoned since the sixties. In 1984, he asked Bluth to develop An American Tail and before long, Spielberg started


Like so many other movies of its day, 1987’s *batteries not included basks in the soothing glow of all things Spielberg. Showcasing a family of flying saucers, designed by Industrial Light and Magic as miniature versions of the mothership in Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977), the movie is at its core a fable about how a neighborhood is only as good as the sense of community that runs through it. The screenplay, co-authored by Brad Bird and bearing the unmistakable stamp of executive producer Steven Spielberg, zooms in on one tenement in particular, whose ground floor is taken


“It is a time of dread... Seers have foretold the birth of a child who will bring about the downfall of the powerful queen Bavmorda. Seizing all pregnant women in the realm, the evil queen vows to destroy the child when it is born...”   1 Bringing you up to speed For his second collaboration with Ron Howard (after Cocoon), James Horner was tasked with composing the then-longest score of his career. The fantasy film, produced by George Lucas, is about a diminutive Elwyn who rises from his humble peasant origins to become the sorcerer-hero who defeats the evil queen Bavmorda and her


"If you build it he will come ..." Just like Ray Kinsella, the character played by Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams, a voice (or rather my intuition) led me to create the Association and the James Horner Film Music website. Every minute, every hour spent working for this project was partly guided by an objective I held close in my heart: publish a new, previously unreleased conversation with James Horner. I gave myself five years to get there. Next January we will celebrate four years of JHFM... Unlike the composer, who never listens again to his old music and who never


Having published interviews given in the early 80's to the CinemaScore magazine (see our article), we continue our exploration of the archives of the past with the publication of the two seminars which James Horner participated in, December 1991 in Australia.   That year, the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) was celebrating film music with a series of courses and activities to recognize and celebrate the contribution that music makes to the screen experience. James Horner had made the trip to take part in a variety of national activities intended to stimulate an atmosphere of appreciation for the work of


Willow was released 25 years ago and comes this year with a completely restored Blu-ray version. One of the main advantages of this rejuvenation is the quality of the sound mixing in DTS HD, which gives even more size, energy and accuracy to the music. It literally fills the sound space and helps create an epic dimension for the adventures of Willow Ufgood, Elora Danan and Madmartigan. "I am a musicologist, a doctor of music. Therefore I listened to, studied and analysed a lot of music. I also enjoy metaphors, the art of quoting and of cycles. The harmonic draft of


Announced in December, the Blu-ray for Ron Howard's Willow is now scheduled for next 3 April. This will be the occasion to re-experience the universe imagined by Georges Lucas and the monumental score by James Horner. Note that the composer does not appear in the special features, which are virtually the same as those of the DVD released in 2002.     You may pre-order it now Widgets  


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