George Doering is an American guitarist. Since 1978, he has participated in more than 800 original movies.

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Imagine that the tragic June 22, 2015 tragedy never took place. Would the response to Southpaw and The 33 by critics, listeners and fans have been different? Southpaw is about a man’s difficult road to redemption after the death of a loved one. Although Horner often tackled death scenes throughout his long and distinguished career, it was usually just that: one or two scenes. One recent example is Ben’s Death from The Amazing Spider-Man (2012), especially from 2:30 to 3:40, as the music comments on Peter’s mourning of his deceased uncle. Movies that specifically deal with death are rarer in the


Many thanks to Joe Kara and Rocco Carrozza, for giving us the opportunity to write this article. “The first thing that I try and find is the emotional content of the film and the tone of the film, and what instruments, what sounds, are going to paint for me the emotions that I feel.” James Horner source: Upon his first viewing of Patricia Ruggen’s film, The 33, James Horner was awash in many different emotions. We’re informed by the director’s revelation shortly after the composer’s disappearance that he had been very moved by the film’s story: “He just wanted to make movies that he


A month after conducting in London the music of Jean-Jacques Annaud's Wolf Totem, James Horner continues with the recording of the Chilean film The 33, from Mexican-American director Patricia Riggen (Girl in Progress – 2012), who brings together on screen Antonio Banderas, Lou Diamond Phillip, Gabriel Byrne, Juliette Binoche, Martin Sheen …   The film is based on the mining disaster of 2010 in which a group of thirty-three miners have been trapped in the San Jose mine in Chile. The action will focus on the two-month effort to try to save them. The release is scheduled for 2015.   Armen Ksajikian, prolific and

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