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JAMES HORNER FILM MUSIC | February 22, 2024 |

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Etienne Walter
Sony Classical amended the front cover of its forthcoming score album to Southpaw, in memory of James Horner. The first original cover came out just one week ago, a day before James Horner's tragic passing. This is a sweet gesture from the label, although it forever sears the terrible reality.
The CD will be released on 24 July, and will be the first of the very last scores he recently did.


  1. Pamela Read

    Thank you for giving us the information that Sony are giving a dedication on the cover of Southpaw to James Horner. I still find the tragic news of last week hard to believe but so long as we have your wonderful news pages on James, this will keep his beautiful music in our hearts forever. I sincerely hope that one day we will be given the chance to hear Romeo and Juliet music, which was not used in the film, and also Collage for Horns, especially as Pas de Deux is amazing. I am travelling to Stavanger on Friday and will visit the concert hall James conducted the concert for Mari and Hakon…if only I could have been there then. Will never ever forget him, am so sorry for his family and friends, what they must be feeling and, of course, you all at JHFM. Pamela Read

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