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JAMES HORNER FILM MUSIC | February 29, 2024 |

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Lisbeth Scott is a vocalist who appeared in many film soundtracks (The Chronicles Of Narnia, Munich, The Passion Of The Christ…)
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Exactly five years have gone by since James Horner passed away. On a Monday, like today. Five years ago. That's both a lot and so little. The shock was so great; the memory of that sad day is forever seared into our consciousness and will remain so despite the passage of time. Even though we busy ourselves on our various projects, today we wanted to pay tribute to James. We reached out to his friends, his peers, his collaborators and his family and asked them to share their memories and thoughts. We are proud to present a 20-minute video with all


Astonishment and questioning. Such were our both reactions nine months ago, while we were waiting for Black Gold, when the composer’s long-time editor Jim Henrikson announced the possible involvement of James Horner to the new theatrical adaptation of Spider-Man. Astonishment, first, as this is clearly not a universe into which the composer is used to venturing. If we pay close attention to his filmography and if we exclude The Mask Of Zorro, out of more than hundred films he did only one film based upon a comics character, i.e. an avenger who distinguish him/herself in his/her extraordinary abilities or in

LISBETH SCOTT'S VOICES Widgets At James Horner Film Music, we appreciate vocal talents. After Sally Stevens and Dhafer Youssef, this is now Lisbeth Scott, who talks about her career and her encounters with James Horner.   - Over the past few years your name has been associated with famous film scores such as Munich, Transformers, Shrek... How did you come to film music? It was quite by accident actually. I grew up with a famous ballerina for a sister and spent many hours watching her rehearse and perform in the back of darkened theaters. I also studied classical piano my whole life (since I was 6).