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This site is the result of a long time admiration for the artist. Its aims at exhaustively bringing information about the artist’s events and aims at expounding articles upon his work. 
This site is unofficial and has not been endorsed by Mr. Horner’s beneficiaries and the content has not been approved by Mr. Horner’s beneficiaries or by his representatives.
Special thanks to: Steve Mair, Kristen Smith, Simon Rhodes, Hakon & Mari Samuelsen, Kriszta Doczy (Art Films), Jeannot Boever (runmovies), Randall D. Larson, Luc Van de Ven, Sandra Tomek, Bruce Croft, Jim Henrikson, Sally Stevens, Colosseum, Sony Music France, Intrada, Lalaland Records, Mark Banning, Roger Feigelson, Regina Fake, David Duchon-Doris, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Dhafer Youssef, Don Bluth, Gary Goldman, Lisbeth Scott, Clara Sanabras, Krisztina Lukácsi, Peter Greenhill, Georges Chambers, Tim Burden.
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