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JAMES HORNER FILM MUSIC | January 28, 2020 |

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Sally Stevens is an American singer from Los Angeles. She has been part of most choral music works for Hollywood movies, and for several years has played a major role as an intermediary between composers and choirs/singers, and is as such referred to as "choir / vocal contractor." She brings in vocal talents who can meet the composers' needs for their choral parts.
As a soprano, she sang in the choir she founded, the Hollywood Film Chorale, and performed the sublime song Flying Dreams in The Secret of NIMH (Jerry Goldsmith).
A really accomplished artist, Sally Stevens is also passionate about photography.

Project unreleased
Guitar: Tommy Tesdeco
Vocal: Sally Stevens



Photo credit: © Sylvia Wells James Horner left this world, leaving us stunned and inconsolable. It was the day after Father's Day, the second day of summer. After this tragic and absurd June 22, we ran as our headline, "All is Lost,” a track title from the beautiful The New World. Since the departure of the composer, we must learn to live in this new world. A world without James Horner. So many notes will not be written. In an interview about The New World (and for now only available in French), James Horner said: "Timelessness is not what we are but what we


Sally Stevens: her name may look familiar to you. You have already seen it before, but where?If you open a CD leaflet from a soundtrack album with choir (e.g. Edward Scissorhands), chances are great that this rings a bell. Sally Stevens is an American singer from Los Angeles. She is a member of most chorales working in Hollywood film scoring and she has been a vocal contractor for many years. As a contractor, she brings in vocal talent according to the composer's musical and choral needs. As a soprano, she performs in the chorale she founded – the Hollywood Film Chorale, and she

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