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JAMES HORNER FILM MUSIC | November 22, 2017 |

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Shawn Murphy (born 16 May 1948) is an American sound engineer. He has won an Academy Award for Best Sound and was nominated for another two in the same category. He has worked on over 330 films since 1983, including Jade, Jumanji and Titanic. 

Source: wikipedia

Unreleased projects :
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and the short Let's Go (1985) directed by Douglas Trumbull. 



The official site on Tony Hinnigan, James Horner’s faithful collaborator since Willow, has embeded a video player device, which allows us to hear and see the artist more easily. Thus, many sequences have been added. This is an opportunity for us to introduce you to this site and to advise you to have a look at it: News Tony Hinnigan recently referred to the concert at the world premiere of Titanic 3D as well as recording sessions of For Greater Glory. Movies There are very interesting anecdotes about the various films in which he participated. These films are so far listed up to

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