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JAMES HORNER FILM MUSIC | November 20, 2017 |

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  •  	Track listing  1.  	Main Title (05:07) 2.  	Going After Next (03:16) 3.  	Sub-level 3 (06:34) 4.  	Ripley's Rescue (03:16) 5.  	Atmosphere Station (03:13) 6.  	Futile Escape (08:26) 7.  	Dark Discovery (01:52) 8.  	Bishop's Countdown (02:49) 9.  	Resolution & Hyperspace (06:24)
    1.  	Main Title (05:13) 2.  	Bad Dreams (01:22) 3.  	Dark Discovery / Newt's Horror (02:07) 4.  	LV-426 (02:03) 5.  	Combat Drop (03:29) 6.  	The Complex (01:34) 7.  	Atmosphere Station (03:11) 8.  	Med. Lab. (02:04) 9.  	Newt (01:14) 10.  	Sub-Level 3 (06:36) 11.  	Ripley's Rescue (03:19) 12.  	FaceHuggers (04:24) 13.  	Futile Escape (08:29) 14.  	Newt Is Taken (02:04) 15.  	Going After Newt (03:18) 16.  	The Queen (01:45) 17.  	Bishop's Countdown (02:50) 18.  	Queen To Bishop (02:31) 19.  	Resolution And Hyperscape (06:27) 20.  	Bad Dreams (Alternate) (01:23) 21.  	Ripley's Rescue (Percussion Only) (03:20) 22.  	LV-426 (Alternate Edit - Film Version) (01:13) 23.  	Combat Drop (Percussion Only) (03:24) 24.  	Hyperspace (Alternate Ending) (02:08)

  • Recording Dates : 15-26 april 1986
    Studio : Abbey Road Studios, Londres
    Orchestrations : Greig McRitchie
    Sound engineer : Eric Tomlinson
    Musical editor: Michael Clifford
    Synthesizer: Ian Underwood

    The climax of the track Bishop's Countdown ranks fifth in the most commonly used soundtrack cues for film trailers.
    Aliens earned James Horner his first Academy Award nomination

  • Special Recent Posts


    Since his official statement and the two interviews published in late June 2015 in Hollywood Reporter and Entertainment Weekly, James Cameron has not yet commented his collaboration with James Horner.   This month we finally heard the director recall his work with James Horner, share anecdotes and above all superbly evoke the personality of the composer.   First, in the Blu-ray edition of 'Score: A Film Music Documentary' directed by Matt Schrader and released on September 4. James Cameron appears throughout the closing credits and returns to the famous portrait scene in Titanic. This passage is actually an excerpt from a longer 29-minute interview[...]


    As Titanic Live once again returns to Royal Albert Hall where it began in 2015, we start off by reliving the experience of Aliens Live from November 2016, which was the second of James Horner’s scores to be presented in live form with the picture playing. As with Titanic 18 months before, the score was conducted by Ludwig Wicki. James Horner’s three collaborations with James Cameron offer three very distinctive scores, each with very different characteristics from the rest. The exotic and other-worldly music of Pandora in Avatar evokes different emotions than the Celtic influences in Titanic. Equally different is the[...]


    It is only one year and a half after its world premiere performance in London that Collage is at last brought to the general public’s knowledge on a dedicated album: Collage – The Last Work. Recorded in London on May 30th, 2015, Collage is indeed James Horner’s last recording and his last concert work. A few weeks after we learnt about his passing, it was revealed that James had composed suites and themes for Antoine Fuqua’s latest film The Magnificent Seven, based on the script only. So it would appear that those suites are James Horner’s last work, at least[...]


    In the months that have passed since James Horner’s tragic death last June, already several tribute concerts have been performed around the world. These events serve both to preserve the composer’s legacy and also remind us that Horner’s body of work now fully belongs to the history books of music. One of the first concerts that was announced and performed took place in Dublin in September. Performed by the RTE Concert Orchestra, conducted by the well known conductor David Brophy, the concert offered several highlights from Horner’s career. We were fortunate enough to be invited to one of the rehearsals,[...]


    UCLA's ethnomusicology department has released a video from March 1992 when James Horner spoke for an hour. This historic document begins with a short introduction by Professor Steve Loza and an intervention of Scott Lipscomb. James Horner starts talking at 00:19:16.     The composer explains the following topics: His career, his work for Roger Corman, why he has chosen film music, how to get hired on a movie, how the Oscars operate, handling directors who are too close to their temp tracks, orchestrating on his own vs assigning an orchestrator, his work on Aliens, working within Hollywood where each idea has to[...]


    2016 marks the 30th anniversary of James Cameron's epic sci-fi action-packed horror, Aliens. To celebrate this event and after Titanic in 2015, Avex Classics International organizes a series of concerts in which James Horner’s thrilling score will be performed by a full orchestra while the motion picture is projected on a vast HD cinema screen. The two world premieres will take place on Sunday 6 November 2016 at 3:00 PM and at 7:30 PM. To purchase your ticket follow this link: Aliens Live – Royal Albert Hall   The official website : The trailer : [...]


    In July 2015, Aliens (1986) was released in vinyl format by the label Mondo, which creates limited editions of posters,  vinyl movie soundtracks, VHS reissues, toys ... The content is identical to the Deluxe Edition CD published by Varese Sarabande in 2001. The first two versions (transparent and black / yellow) appear to have sold out. Only the blue and yellow exclusive version for the site is still available.   Clear Vinyl: Sold out Queen (Blue & Black swirl) Vs. Power Loader (Yellow with Black Stripe) Colored Vinyl: Sold out Blue & Yellow Haze: Purchase this Aliens Exclusive 2 LP   In January 2016 Mondo[...]

    ERIC TOMLINSON 1931-2015

    James Horner worked with four sound engineers during his career: Shawn Murphy (fifty projects), Simon Rhodes (forty projects), Dan Wallin (a dozen projects) and finally Eric Tomlinson. As Mr Tomlinson has just died at the age of 84, we wanted to honor him through this article. He was the sound engineer for the films The Dresser (1983), Uncommon Valor (1983), the album version of Brainstorm (1983), Volunteers (1985), Aliens (1986), and An American Tail (1986). The sad news was announced by Chris Malone on the forum of website Film Score Monthly: « Tomlinson commenced his film music career in the late 1950s, initially[...]


    The following articles were written in May, shortly after the Nordic premiere of Pas de Deux in Stavanger. They have been left unaltered as a reminder of the bright and eventful time in the months preceding James Horner’s death, both for the musicians and fans alike. We also present here, our final interview with James Horner, conducted on the morning of May 14. 2015, together with Mari and Håkon Samuelsen. A huge thank you to Mari Samuelsen, Håkon Samuelsen, Torodd Wigum, Eric Rigler and Clara Sanabras for your time and your kindness in talking with me for these interviews. Also a[...]


    Hardly for the first time in a career comprised of more than 130 film scores did James Horner cross paths with the wolf, a fascinating mammal and a source of countless stories, rumors and legends. Their first meeting dates back to 1981, when Wolfen, a horror thriller by Michael Wadleigh (Woodstock) saw Indians-turned-wolves create havoc in the streets of New York. Distressing brass embodied the wolf’s dark side and its sharp fangs, continually threatening tender and innocent flesh. This musical darkness was reprised a few years later with Aliens (1986), where it evoked the stifling atmosphere created by James Cameron, illustrating the[...]


    Six months after the world premiere in Liverpool, Mari and Håkon Samuelsen brings Pas De Deux to their home country of Norway in a spectacular concert in Stavanger, which also saw James Horner himself conduct suites from Braveheart, Titanic and Wolf Totem. Wednesday morning, I attended the dress rehearsal for the concert. This was my first time hearing Pas De Deux, which I will come back to later. In short, the concert audience were in for a treat! The other selections from the programme also sounded great and ready for live performance. Still, they were making small adjustments. Both Torodd Wigum[...]


    The Stavanger Concert House is an impressive-looking building even from the outside. Opened in 2012, the Fartein Valen concert hall with its 1500 seats has already been renowned internationally for its impressive acoustics. What a great place for a night of James Horner music, including the Nordic premiere of Pas de Deux. James Horner Film Music has been fortunate to enjoy a very good relationship with Mari and Håkon Samuelsen, even preceding the Pas de Deux premier in Liverpool last fall. Once again, we have been allowed to watch up close as this unique event comes together.   As previously reported, James Horner[...]


    Having published interviews given in the early 80's to the CinemaScore magazine (see our article), we continue our exploration of the archives of the past with the publication of the two seminars which James Horner participated in, December 1991 in Australia.   That year, the Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS) was celebrating film music with a series of courses and activities to recognize and celebrate the contribution that music makes to the screen experience. James Horner had made the trip to take part in a variety of national activities intended to stimulate an atmosphere of appreciation for the work of[...]


    Thursday, October 3, 2013. Amidst the annual Hollywood in Vienna music event, James Horner was interviewed by Thor Joachim Haga for Celluloid Tunes and the Norvegian Web Magazine Included in this very worthy hour are interviews conducted with film composer David Newman, who conducted the orchestra in the above mentioned Hollywood event, as well as the concert producer Sandra Tomek. However, the obvious highlights are the few questions asked to James Horner himself, in between actual sound recordings from the concert itself. Clips including the title sequence from the 1982 space opera Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan, the[...]


    Aliens - Two-Disc Collector's Edition [Dvd 2004] Alien Quadrilogy [Dvd 2004]   Documentary title: The Final Countdown Sequence time: 9'22 James Horner reflects on the difficult conditions in which he had to compose and record the soundtrack. He says that when he arrived in London, the film was not completed. He therefore composed 97 minutes of music within 15 days. The aging equipment during recording sessions, sleepless nights and icy relations with producer Gale Anne Hurd, are all explained in this documentary. © 20th Century Fox The Amazing Spider-Man - Four-Disc Combo [BLU-RAY 3d / Blu-Ray / Dvd / Ultraviolet Digital Copy] (2012) The Amazing Spider-Man - Three-Disc[...]


      ACADEMY AWARD (1997) Best Original Score Titanic   ACADEMY AWARD (1997) Best Original Song My Heart Will Go On from Titanic   AMERICAN MUSIC AWARD (1998) Favorite Soundtrack Album Titanic   GOLDEN GLOBE AWARD (1997) Best Original Score Titanic   GOLDEN GLOBE AWARD (1997) Best Original Song My Heart Will Go On from Titanic   GOLDEN SATELLITE AWARD (2002) Best Original Song All Love Can Be from A Beautiful Mind   GRAMMY AWARD (1998) Song of the Year My Heart Will Go On from Titanic   GRAMMY AWARD (1998) Record of the Year My Heart Will Go On from Titanic   GRAMMY AWARD (1998) Best Song Written for a Motion Picture or Television My Heart Will Go On from Titanic   GRAMMY AWARD (1990) Best Instrumental Composition[...]


    Oxyman [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons Abbey Road Studios (formerly EMI studios) are recording studios in London,England, founded in the year 1931. Their current name is a tribute to the eponymous album of The Beatles who recorded most of their songs there in the 1960s. Several famous bands have recorded there, such as Pink Floyd, and more recently, Oasis and Radiohead. Legendary music composers like John Williams used the studios to record the scores for five films of  Star Wars starting with ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ in 1980, and composer James Horner has used Abbey Road Studios many times as his recording[...]


    © keiko matsui Ian Robertson Underwood (born May 22, 1939) is an outstanding multi-instrumentalist, best known for being a member of The Mothers of Invention after being drafted by Frank Zappa. He is a graduate of Yale University with a degree in composition in 1961, and an MA in composition of the University of Berkeley in 1966. He began his career playing in San Francisco cafes and bars in the Bay Area with his group of jazz improvisation. In 1967 he became a member of Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention for their third solo album. In 1973 he pursued a career as[...]


    Michael Clifford is an American musical editor. He worked on The Dark Crystal (1982) and Legend (1985).    Source: IMDb     [...]


    © Across four decades, from 1959, Eric Tomlinson collaborated with many high profile composers including: John Barry; John Williams; Jerry Goldsmith and James Horner. He was admired for his ability to quickly obtain a balance and skillfully deliver a live mix during sessions. His work included Aliens, Brainstorm and Uncommon Valor.  Source:     [...]


    Angela George [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons James Francis Cameron (born August 16, 1954) is a Canadian film director, film producer, deep-sea explorer, screenwriter, and editor. In 1971, he shifted to United States to fulfill his dream of becoming a film director, and he worked as a truck driver to support his screen writing desire. In 1980 he got his first professional film job where he worked as an art director for the film Battle Beyond The Stars. In 1981 he directed this first film Piranha Part Two: The Spawning but he made his mark on Hollywood in following years where he had[...]

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