[tab] 	Track listing  1.  	Part 1 (03:42) Main Titles. An Underwater Sequence Introducing Iris And John, Both Young And Old, As They Enjoy A Swim. 2.  	Part 2 (03:24) When Both Young, Iris And John Meet For The First Time. 3.  	Part 3 (04:46) Iris Experiences Her First Symptoms, And Is Diagnosed For Alzheimer's Disease. 4.  	Part 4 (04:35) Iris's Memory Is Fast Deteriorating. John Takes Her Swimming To The Place Where They Swam As Young Lovers. 5.  	Part 5 (11:00) The Young Iris And John Make Love For The First Time. We Then See Them In Old Age, Having A Fight. The Sequence Ends With A Visit To Their Friend Janet's Seaside Cottage. 6.  	Part 6 (06:41) Iris Leaves Their Flat And Wanders Off, While John Frantically Looks For Her. 7.  	Part 7 (10:57) Iris's Friend Janet Dies,And After Her Funeral Iris Has A Breakdown And Is Committed To Hospital.As We See Her Weakening Condition In Hospital,The Film Crosscuts To Iris As A Young Beautiful Woman,Loving Life And All It Has To Offer.Iris Finally Dies 8.  	Part 8 (04:48) End Credits. A Lark In The Clear Air


Orchestrations : James Horner, Randy Kerber, J.A.C. Redford
Ingénieur du son : Simon Rhodes
Préparation de la musique: Vic Fraser
Superviseur des monteurs: Jim Henrikson
Monteurs: Andrew Glen
Assistants des monteurs: Barbara McDermott et Tony Lewis
Responsable de l'orchestre: Isobel Griffiths
Violon : Joshua Bell
Synthétiseurs : Ian Underwood, Randy Kerber
Studio d'enregistrement : Air Lyndhurst Studios, Abbey Road Studios, Londres



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