Dear readers,
You've probably noticed our site features all new colors.  It was necessary to start, as it ought to be, this fourth year with you.
Indeed, three years ago, I had the crazy idea of creating a website about some of the most touching musical works ever written, the music composed by James Horner. It all started with a simple observation: there was a noticeable gap in general press and on the Internet about his music. Nowhere could one find complete information on his work nor any publications aiming at highlighting it.
So it all began the January 19, 2011 with the French website jameshorner.fr which later became, in August 2012,  jameshorner-filmmusic.com.
Over many months, this place developed, presenting today completely new content on a regular basis and on par with professional publications. To achieve this, I founded the James Horner Film Music Association with my friend, Etienne Walter, with the ongoing aim to bring new people into this project. A dozen motivated people now help us make this ambitious endeavor live.
If you also want to join us or post articles on our site do not hesitate to contact us.
To celebrate three years of this adventure, we offer you an exclusive interview with Jim Henrikson, musical editor and faithful collaborator with James Horner for a quarter century.
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