We regroup here the articles published on the Internet within the framework of the Titanic Live event.
Review: Titanic Live brings the famous film to life at The Royal Albert Hall
by Hannah Brittr
A positive report.
Review: Titanic Live Gives Famous Film A Breath Of New Life
by Emma Griffiths
A positive report.
Sissel Kyrkjebø kunne ha sunget «My heart will go on»
by Ole Eikeland
A Norwegian article about Sissel
Titanic vocalist Sissel talks about how James Horner approached her to sing on the score for Titanic after hearing her sing In Heaven There Is A Castle. During Titanic Live she also sang My Heart Will Go On, “When I now sing the song, I wish to continue the role my voice had in the score into the song ”, she says in the interview. She also talks about how she was the first after James Cameron to hear James Horner’s themes:
“I remember vividly we were sitting by the piano in a studio in LA, and he played the themes for me. I got goosebumps, and he asked “Do you like it?”. I said I thought they were so beautiful. He was so happy I wanted to sing on the score. Can you believe that? One of the world’s foremost film composers, so humble? An amazing person”.
"Titanic Live" mit James Horner
by Matthias Keller
An interview 9 minutes done on the occasion of the premiere of Titanic Live in Lucerne in mid-March
My task was to highlight the Titanic love story, recalls James Horner
By Honza Vedral
A Czech Interview
James Horner tells how he lived the Titanic Live concert at the Royal Albert Hall and the reasons why music moved the spirits.
I haven't seen Titanic since it was released in theatres. I moved directly on to the next project, so this was the first screening of the film with the audience I attended and I was very moved (or touched). Especially because it took place at Royal Albert Hall. I used to go to Royal College, which is just behind the corner and I used to sneak into this building every now and then, I used to go up the stairs and attended concerts for free. I went this way as well during the screening and I watched couples while they were watching the movie. When it reached its final quarter, I saw how it got people together and even after all these years people still start weeping. It was very emotional. It was just like the film was released yesterday.

28 April, the morning after the concert, the Royal Albert Hall hosted some interviews for James Horner and Jon Landau with European journalists who are flying in especially for the Titanic live premiere.
Composer James Horner Exclusive Interview – Titanic Live / Avatar Sequels
By Jon Lyus
The highly publicized interview where the composer James Horner reveals he composed music for the Avatar attraction Animal Kingdom Disney World (Florida) and that James Cameron is trying to regroup four scripts in three films.
Titanic by a Live Orchestra
By Dee Sebastian
For BBC radio, an audio interview of 6 minutes with the composer accompanied by musical excerpts.
James Horner Tells The Story Behind Five Of His Classic Film Scores
By Sophie Monks Kaufman
An original article because it does not center on the Titanic. Indeed the author preferred to focus his interview on five scores: Star Trek II, Glory, The Land Before Time, Honey I Shrunk The Kids, The New World.
Note: This article includes YouTube videos do not respect copyright.
VIP – Show Titanic Live Londýn
By Karolina Hösek
A short video for the Czech television. To see for the Jon Landau's very supported morning reception towards James Horner.

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