Twenty-five years after the film’s release, a newly remastered and expanded Unlawful Entry album comes to us from La-La Land Records. With a runtime 14 minutes longer than the original release, this album has a limited release of 1500 units.
The score’s original release was in 1992 by Intrada, and was Intrada’s first Horner release. Intrada was proud to work with the composer on all of their James Horner releases, and Horner reportedly did most of the editing on the original Unlawful Entry album.

“My history with Horner goes back to THUNDERHEART, A FAR OFF PLACE and UNLAWFUL ENTRY, long before his TITANIC success. We worked together on each one of those, albeit he did most of the editing on UNLAWFUL [ENTRY] himself. We always involve Horner on our releases of his music.“

-Douglass Fake, Intrada1

Now, we are offered a fresh look at the score in expanded form from La-La Land. The album will become available Tuesday, July 11 on the La-La Land website. (La-La Land is predicting that 1000 of the 1500 units will be sold within the first 30 days2, so don’t hesitate to add this score to your collection!)

Track list:
1. Main Title (3:15)
2. Intruder (2:07)
3. Protect & Serve * (4:28)
4. Being Watched (5:43)
5. Leon's Death – Extended Version ** (4:00)
6. Drug Bust – Extended Version ** (3:24)
7. Bail Denied (2:29)
8. I Can Kill You * (1:55)
9. Bye Penny / Mike Phones * (3:10)
10. Pete's Passion – Extended Version ** (14:25)
11. End Credits (4:31)
* Previously Unreleased
** Contains Previously Unreleased Material
Total Time: 49:36


1 intrada.net
2 filmscoremonthly.com

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