The interview with James Horner recorded on March 1, 2001 with Charlie Rose as part of the promotion of the film Enemy at the Gates is finally available.
The composer covers several subjects during 19 minutes:
His passion for film music, the role of film music, the new generation of directors, Titanic, Jean-Jacques Annaud, Braveheart … The video also features a short extract from the recording session of Enemy at the Gates.
"I think it– for the first time I felt that the music was supporting something bigger than the music that had a more profound effect on an audience than just sitting in a dark room listening to an orchestra play. It was new music. I was writing new music, having it performed, which is a rarity. I mean, that's like going back to the days of Hayden and Mozart, where some wealthy prince would ask them to write an opera. And you get it performed by the prince's musicians. And you get paid for it. And you– sure, they say there are too many notes, but you have this impact on an audience that my music — and I think most classical music — doesn't really have nowadays."
"I am a romantic. I look for it wherever I can. Even in Stalingrad or whatever it is, I look for it."
Photo credit: © Charlie Rose LLC.


  1. What can I say except Christmas has come early for me, thank you once more JHFM. Wow, what a wonderful interview you have given us and allowed us all to see. James at his best. Like so many many other scores, Enemy at the Gates is such wonderful music, one of my favourites …like I say to many JH scores! I love the musical textures he has achieved in this one. Oh I could sit in the Royal Albert Hall and watch the orchestra play to THAT film, like Aliens and Titanic, which will be shown again next year, thankfully. It is so sad to think there will be no future interviews like this precious one but there must be so many hidden pieces that your people may come across one day…and that thought keeps us all believing. I love this film with Charlie Rose, James appears very at ease…I could even detect a tear in his eye at the showing of the Jack and Rose clip. Thankyou so much, it’s made my day. Pamela.

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone involved in making this a magnificent JHFM tribute to the great composer. 2016 has been an excellent James-filled year and we may all look forward to more exciting news that must exist somewhere, during 2017. As it is, there will be the 20 year anniversary of Titanic at the Royal Albert Hall again, with Clara Sanabras. It will be wonderful, and I know she is looking forward to performing James ‘s magnificent music in London. Thank you all for helping to keep James with us. Pamela.

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