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JAMES HORNER FILM MUSIC | September 30, 2023 |

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Jean-Baptiste Martin
Information regarding the soundtrack album to Antoine Fuqua’s film Southpaw is disseminated little by little. We collect the known elements in this article.
Sony Classical has confirmed that an album of the music composed by James Horner will be released on 24 July.
The track listing is as follows:
1. The Preparations
2. A More Normal Life
3. A Fatal Tragedy
4. The Funeral, Alone…
5. Suicidal Rampage
6. Empty Showers
7. Dream Crusher
8. A Cry for Help
9. House Auction
10. A Long Road Back
11. Training
12. How Much They Miss Her
13. Hope vs Escobar
14. A Quiet Moment…
When meeting with James Horner last November, the composer had spoken about the film and about the mood of the score:
"It's just a movie I've never done before. I thought it would be really challenging again. It'll be really edgy, but it will be very simple. No big orchestras. The big stuff takes care of itself. The director did a brilliant job, and it's stunning to look at, and well photographed. And there have been a lot of boxing movies obviously, fighting movies, but they're looking for something deeper than just the surface."
Simon Rhodes, loyal sound engineer since 1998, recently shared with us his impressions on this music:
It's a little bit unusual I would say. There are atmospheric moments with a simple piano motif and at the other end of the scale it's full out aggression. And then there's everything in between. Lots of colours.
Rapper Eminem, who was to play the lead role in this film, will produce another album Music From and Inspired by The Motion Picture Southpaw through his label Shady Records and he performs the first single, Phenomenal, composed by DJ Khalil.
Two trailers were released but none highlights James Horner's music.

Photo credit: © Hope Films, Inc / The Weinstein Company

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