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JAMES HORNER FILM MUSIC | juillet 29, 2021 |

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  • 1.  	A Call To Arms (03:07) 2.  	After Antietam (02:39) 3.  	Lonely Chrsitmas (01:54) 4.  	Forming The Regiment (05:26) 5.  	The Whipping (02:09) 6.  	Burning The Town Of Darien (02:30) 7.  	Brave Words, Braver Deeds (03:09) 8.  	The Year Of Jubilee (02:25) 9.  	Preparations For Battle (07:32) 10.  	Charging Fort Wagner (02:51) 11.  	An Epitaph (02:32) 12.  	Closing Credits (06:51)

  • Orchestrations : Greig McRitchie
    Ingénieur du son : Shawn Murphy
    Monteur : Jim Henrikson
    Cor : James Thatcher
    Chorale : The Boys Choir Of Harlem

    Paroles du générique de fin :

    "Blow the horn, play the fife, beat the drum so slowly
    Blow the horn, play the fife, make the drum beat . . . lowly"
    Paroles de Charging Fort Wagner :
    Judex est ventusurus,
    cuncta cuncta stricte discusurus!
    Tuba tusi tremor turus quando
    judex stricte est venturus
    resti quantus tremor turus quando
    stricte stricte est venturus respa
    judex est venturus
    cuncta stricte discusurus sundex
    Tuba mirum spargens sonum
    per sepulchra regionum
    Liber scriptus proferetur
    continentur, libera me.
    Judex ergo cum sedebit
    apparebit, nil in ultum.
    Tuba tus sum ego turus quando
    judex est venturus coget
    respa tura unde, tura unde
    rati respa sula judex
    respi quantus situ,
    turus stricte discusurus!
    Spargens ante, libera me, libera me, eterne
    Spargens ante, libera me, libera me, omnesi
    Quantus tremor est futurus
    quando judex est venturus, turus
    quanda stricte est venturus
    cuncta stricte discusurus!











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