[tab]1.  	Main Title / Takeoff (04:45) 2.  	The Flying Circus (06:26) 3.  	Jenny (05:14) 4.  	Begin The Beguine (03:46) Music and Lyrics by Cole Porter, Performed by Melora Hardin 5.  	Neville Sinclair's House (07:25) 6.  	Jenny's Rescue (03:26) 7.  	Rendezvous at Griffith Park Observatory (08:15) 8.  	When Your Lover Has Gone (03:30) Music and Lyrics by E.A. Swan, Performed by Melora Hardin 9.  	The Zeppelin (07:58) 10.  	Rocketeer to the Rescue / End Title (06:33)


Orchestrations : John Neufeld, Elliot Kaplan, Conrad Pope, Billy May
Ingénieur du son : Shawn Murphy

Préparation de la musique : Steven L. Smith
Copiste : Jo Ann Kane
Monteur : Jim Henrikson
Assistant du monteur : Joe E. Rand
Responsable de l'orchestre : Sandy DeCrescent, Nathan Kaproff
Cor : James Thatcher



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