Here's a roundup of news about composer James Horner in the summer and autumn of 2023 (for the northern hemisphere):
On the 8th anniversary of James Horner’s passing, Spectral Shimmers Productions honored the composer by releasing a video of “Titanic Suite”, recorded at our concert in Szczecin in May 2021. This was preceded by our Flight concert video, and followed up soon after the composer’s birthday of Braveheart, all from the concert.



In addition, James Horner’s personal music archives were donated to UCLA, gifted by his estate. The composer’s archives are available for consultation and research in person and feature both his music score manuscripts, as well as documentation and correspondence for many of his works. See more here on spectrumnews1.com.
[divider]June 27[/divider] Intrada Records released the first edition Deadly Blessing, the score for the 1981 horror film and the first of several new albums from the label focusing on James Horner’s early career.
[divider]August 8[/divider] Intrada followed up with a new, greatly expanded edition of Windtalkers (2002). The 3CD set features an all-new presentation of the score on the first two CDs, with a remastered original album on the third.
On the same day, to mark the 40th anniversary of the film Gorky Park (1983), La-La Land Records released a new edition of the soundtrack which had been reissued prior in 2011 and 2014, respectively.
[divider]September 19[/divider] Intrada Records (again!) returned to focusing on James Horner’s early career with a new edition of Humanoids From The Deep (1980), containing a new 75 minute presentation, mastered from new tapes.
[divider]November 14[/divider] Intrada Records (them again!) went back to James Horner’s earliest career achievement: A new, greatly expanded and fully remixed and remastered edition of Battle Beyond The Stars (1980), the score that helped propel his career into mainstream success. To resolve the enthusiastic yet flawed performances from the youthful orchestra, multiple takes of each cue were used to achieve the best overall presentation using never before heard elements.
[divider]November 23[/divider] As part of La-La Land Records’ annual Black Friday announcement, two of James Horner’s most popular and enduring scores for Sneakers (1992) and The Mask Of Zorro (1998) are both given new 2CD greatly expanded editions with new presentations of their complete scores, as well as original soundtrack programs. Both albums were made available for ordering at the time of announcement.

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