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JAMES HORNER FILM MUSIC | February 23, 2024 |

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Donald Romain Davis (born February 4, 1957) is an American composer, conductor and orchestrator.
A native from California, he was interested in music very early on, learning to play the trumpet at the age of nine and started to write short pieces by twelve. It was, above all, the jazz and rock genres that attracted him.
After high school, he joined the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) and continued his studies in composition with Henri Lazarof. Besides this, he learned orchestration with Albert Harris, who, during their sessions, presented him to the composer Joe Harnell (composer of the miniseries V). He helped Don Davis in his job search. His first job was a collaborative effort with composer Mark Snow on the series Hart to Hart. He was also an additional orchestrator for Michael Kamen on Die Hard 2: Die Harder.
He was primarily a composer for television series, until the young brothers Wachowsky (The Matrix trilogy) chose him to do the soundtrack of their film Bound, which was a little box office success. This is the film that allowed Don Davis to become the composer for The Matrix trilogy, his greatest work, firmly in conjunction with other compositions, by his atonal and avant-garde features.
He is also the composer of the soundtrack of the third Jurassic Park, recommended to the filmmakers by John Williams himself.

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On 19 April 1994, James Horner finished recording at Abbey Road Studios with the London Symphony Orchestra. He had just delivered one of the most lyrical and romantic pieces of music in his career: Legends Of The Fall. Exactly twenty-six years and two days later, at a time when the world is undergoing a profound crisis, Intrada, in collaboration with TriStar Pictures and Sony Music Entertainment has gifted us all a stellar two-disc deluxe edition, expanding the already generous original album to include the complete score and providing over 35 minutes of alternates, extended cues and film edits. Completists will


It has been exactly twenty years, since the period from 8 to 19 April 1994, when James Horner recorded at Abbey Road Studios with the London Symphony Orchestra, one of the most lyrical and romantic pieces of music in his career: Legends Of The Fall. This anniversary is an opportunity to return to this score, whose impact has preserved all its strength for two decades. After Glory (1989) and before Courage Under Fire (1996), the composer met up with the American director Edward Zwick for this adaptation of Jim Harrison's eponymous short novel, which brought together on screen Brad Pitt, Anthony