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Across four decades, from 1959, Eric Tomlinson collaborated with many high profile composers including: John Barry; John Williams; Jerry Goldsmith and James Horner. He was admired for his ability to quickly obtain a balance and skillfully deliver a live mix during sessions. His work included Aliens, Brainstorm and Uncommon Valor. 

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James Horner worked with four sound engineers during his career: Shawn Murphy (fifty projects), Simon Rhodes (forty projects), Dan Wallin (a dozen projects) and finally Eric Tomlinson. As Mr Tomlinson has just died at the age of 84, we wanted to honor him through this article. He was the sound engineer for the films The Dresser (1983), Uncommon Valor (1983), the album version of Brainstorm (1983), Volunteers (1985), Aliens (1986), and An American Tail (1986). The sad news was announced by Chris Malone on the forum of website Film Score Monthly: « Tomlinson commenced his film music career in the late 1950s, initially


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