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Sissel Kyrkjebø (born June 24, 1969) is a Norwegian opera singer (soprano).
She was only 17 when her first album “Sissel” sold 700,000 copies.
In 1997, Sissel was involved in the soundtrack of the movie Titanic, which attracted a record number of spectators in 1998.
In 2002, Sissel released her first album in the United States. During her career she has sold 9 million albums.

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La-La Land Records has given us a total surprise! After the disappointing 2012 Anniversary Edition that offered identical content to previously released albums, who expected a full version to be released? At that time, many imagined that the most suitable moment to publish all the as-yet unreleased music had come and gone, and the unique opportunity would be lost. Sure, the music had been remastered, but fans had come to expect so much more. This November 28, 2017 – just one week shy of exactly 20 years after the first album released on December 7, 1997 – our dream becomes reality


Photo credit: © Sylvia Wells   James Horner left this world, leaving us stunned and inconsolable. It was the day after Father's Day, the second day of summer. After this tragic and absurd June 22, we ran as our headline, "All is Lost,” a track title from the beautiful The New World. Since the departure of the composer, we must learn to live in this new world. A world without James Horner. So many notes will not be written.   In an interview about The New World (and for now only available in French), James Horner said: "Timelessness is not what we are but what we


We regroup here the articles published on the Internet within the framework of the Titanic Live event.     *** Review: Titanic Live brings the famous film to life at The Royal Albert Hall by Hannah Brittr A positive report.       *** Review: Titanic Live Gives Famous Film A Breath Of New Life by Emma Griffiths A positive report.       *** Sissel Kyrkjebø kunne ha sunget «My heart will go on» by Ole Eikeland A Norwegian article about Sissel     Titanic vocalist Sissel talks about how James Horner approached her to sing on the score for Titanic after hearing her sing In Heaven There Is A Castle. During Titanic Live she also sang My Heart Will Go


Roughly a year ago, when Titanic Live was first announced, we knew this was an event not to be missed. This is the most popular soundtrack composed by James Horner, and to see it performed live in Royal Albert Hall seemed like it would be a very memorable experience. We were not disappointed. [divider]THE REHEARSAL[/divider] 27 April 2015. It is a little past noon when we enter the Royal Albert Hall, an imposing and majestic concert hall built almost 150 years ago, hosting over the course of decades many music legends: Richard Wagner, Arthur Rubinstein, The Beatles, Bob Dylan... The Royal Philharmonic Concert


The launch of the European Titanic-Live concert tour takes place this weekend in Lucerne (March 13-15), with subsequent performances at the Royal Albert Hall in London (April 27, 2015), Prague, Berlin, Vienna, Brussels and Paris. All concert dates are available by clicking on this link: Tour Dates.     To our great surprise, James Horner will conduct the first concerts in Lucerne. He is accompanied by Simon Rhodes, Simon Franglen, Sissel, and Tony Hinnigan.  Over 150 musicians (21st Century Symphony Orchestra) will perform James Horner’s renowned score and period classics from 1912, played by the legendary ensemble, I Salonisti. For an unforgettable experience, The


"If you build it he will come ..." Just like Ray Kinsella, the character played by Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams, a voice (or rather my intuition) led me to create the Association and the James Horner Film Music website. Every minute, every hour spent working for this project was partly guided by an objective I held close in my heart: publish a new, previously unreleased conversation with James Horner. I gave myself five years to get there. Next January we will celebrate four years of JHFM... Unlike the composer, who never listens again to his old music and who never


James Horner has just started recording his score to Carlo Carlei's film in Abbey Road 1 and Air Studios in London. On both his Twitter and Facebook account, the British countertenor Iestyn Davies shared two pictures from the recording sessions, along with some of his impressions:     "My view from the booth, Studio 1 Abbey Road. There's James 'Titanic' Horner waving.". "Have to say, James Horner's Romeo & Juliet score made me weep eternally in the sound booth. Took me back to Titanic 1997" "Lovely atmosphere last night. Enjoyed the evening hugely! Now off to Abbey Road (clang) to sing some James Horner." "Final


  A quick note about this long awaited edition, released a few days ago. Packaging, image and sound quality are awesome. This is available in three different versions:   A 2D pack, which contains the film in 2D version both on Blu-Ray and on 2 DVD, and another Blu-Ray containing special features. A 3D pack, which contains the 3D version of the film on two Blu-Ray discs, another Blu-Ray with the 2D version of the film, and another Blu-Ray with special features. A gift box.   In the making-off documentary, James Horner makes a brief appearance. During a few seconds we can see him conducting the suite he

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