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JAMES HORNER FILM MUSIC | February 23, 2024 |

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Jean-Baptiste Martin
After Glory in september, La-La Land Records releases an expanded edition of another 1989 score by James Horner: Field of Dreams. This new edition is on sale and shipped from today, Friday, January 7th. The print run is 5000 copies.

Expanded Original Soundtrack 59:38
1 The Cornfield 5:36
2 The Voice At Night :46
3 The Vision 1:25
4 Deciding To Build The Field (Film Version) 5:49
5 Man On Your Lawn :19
6 Shoeless Joe 2:22
7 Night Mists (Film Version) 3:18
8 Old Ball Players (Film Version) 2:06
9 Dinner’s Ready 2:10
10 The Voice 1:09
11 The Library 2:32
12 I Had The Same Dream :33
13 “Moonlight” Graham 2:07
14 Terence’s Vision 1:05
15 The Timeless Street 2:41
16 I Play Baseball / I’m Archie :40
17 The Drive Home 2:17
18 Rookies :28
19 Night Game 1:37
20 The Magic Hit 1:01
21 The Decision 2:41
22 Doc’s Memories 3:21
23 The Place Where Dreams Come True 9:09
24 End Credits 4:12
Additional Music 10:49
25 Dinner’s Ready (Utility Take) 3:09
26 Deciding To Build The Field (Alternate) 5:51
27 Dinner’s Ready / The Voice (Film Combo) 1:43
Total Time Disc 1: 70:27
Remastered Original Soundtrack
1 The Cornfield 5:37
2 Deciding To Build The Field 5:54
3 Shoeless Joe 2:22
4 The Timeless Street 2:41
5 Old Ball Players 2:46
6 The Drive Home 2:17
7 Field Of Dreams 3:35
8 The Library 2:32
9 “Moonlight” Graham 2:07
10 Night Mists 4:23
11 Doc’s Memories 3:21
12 The Place Where Dreams Come True 9:09
13 End Credits 4:11
Total Time Disc 2: 51:00
Total Album Time: 2:01:27

Since you are here, know that our association James Horner Film Music is currenly deeply involved in four important projects created in collaboration with the composer's estate:
The writing and publication of the definitve biography on the composer and his career
The production of a documentary with brand new and exclusive footage
The creation of a CD album with unpublished works
The planning and organisation of a series of concerts
But we won't be able to accomplish these projects without you. Help us preserve and promote the legacy and life of James Horner. Join our adventurous journey today on our Patreon page.
Thank you!



  1. When can we expect a review and expansion notes? This is one of my very favourite James Horner scores and I’ve been hoping and waiting for years for it to get this treatment. I’m still holding our for the same for Brainstorm though!

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