A new album titled Braveheart: The Film Music of James Horner for Solo Piano has been published by BuySoundtrax Records (BSX), the label that brought us Humanoids from the Deep and Battle Beyond the Stars in 2011. Arranged and performed by Dan Redfeld, the album features selections from some of Horner’s best-loved scores, including The Wedding from Deep Impact, The Ludlows from Legends of the Fall, and Rocketeer to the Rescue from The Rocketeer. It also features some less prominent pieces, such as the love themes from Krull and Battle Beyond the Stars, and Darby’s Theme from The Pelican Brief. The album’s alluring centerpiece is a twelve-minute Suite from Braveheart.
Dan Redfeld previously performed on BSX’s Heart of the Ocean: The Film Music of James Horner, another compilation album released in 2012.
“For me, James Horner was one of the great musical voices of the last twenty or thirty years of film music,” said Redfeld. “I hope in time he’s remembered at the level of Rózsa or Williams or Goldsmith, because I feel he was equally as talented and his contribution to music equally as important.”
BSX’s website features a detailed description of the album, and six minute-long audio samples.
1. Theme from STAR TREK II: THE WRATH OF KHAN (3:05)
2. Ludlows from LEGENDS OF THE FALL (5:16)
3. The Portrait from TITANIC (4:42)
4. Zorro’s Theme from THE MASK OF ZORRO (3:11)
5. The Wedding from DEEP IMPACT (3:59)
6. Colwyn and Lyssa – Love Theme from KRULL (2:41)
7. Main Theme (Then You Look At Me) from BICENTENNIAL MAN (4:32)
8. Suite from BRAVEHEART (12:06)
9. End Credits from WILLOW (4:33)
10. Darby’s Theme from THE PELICAN BRIEF (3:51)
11. Theme (I See You) from AVATAR (4:51)
12. Theme from COCOON (6:17)
13. Love Theme (Fantasy) from BATTLE BEYOND THE STARS (3:59)
14. The Drive Home & Field of Dreams from FIELD OF DREAMS (6:00)
15. Rocketeer To The Rescue – End Credits from THE ROCKETEER (6:47)
Total Time: 69:37

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