Exactly five years have gone by since James Horner passed away. On a Monday, like today.
Five years ago. That's both a lot and so little. The shock was so great; the memory of that sad day is forever seared into our consciousness and will remain so despite the passage of time. Even though we busy ourselves on our various projects, today we wanted to pay tribute to James. We reached out to his friends, his peers, his collaborators and his family and asked them to share their memories and thoughts. We are proud to present a 20-minute video with all these testimonies.
Thank you to all the artists who answered our call and who express how much they miss James Horner. We all miss him.
Enjoy the video.


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Note: During the production of this video we were treated to a wealth of wonderful memories, anecdotes and expressions of admiration and love for James. In order to keep the final video run time within a reasonable limit, some testimonies have been edited for length. Nevertheless, we want to make sure every contributor gets their full testimonies published. Check back on our website for them at a later date. Our most gracious thanks go out to Sandra Tomek, producer of Hollywood in Vienna. She shared a beautiful tribute video with footage from the 2013 Horner gala concert. We were unable to integrate this into our video in a way that we felt maintained the integrity and beauty of the original, which will be published as a standalone video during Remembrance Week.


  1. Thank you so much. James’ music means the world to me. I spent many long hours listening to his soundtracks since I was a kid, and he remains the creator of my favorite music, of any music in any genre. R.I.P. James Horner, the world is blessed to have your creations.

  2. Wow what a Beautiful Tribute to James Horner!! You made me Cry with the his music in the background. I loved reading all of the lovely messages and listing to them too! What a treat it was seeing one of his beautiful daughters. May I ask where’s is his other daughter? Becky? Well anyways it’s hard to believe 5 years have gone by now!! I’am Very Grateful that I stumble across this website that I didn’t know it existed!! Thank You So Much!! I will ENJOY ALL Of The Special Treats that this Website has to Offer.

  3. Wow! That is something very special. Thank you very much for all involved.. When I first heard the music of Titanic, I could not have believed I would experience such a joy in music, in attending events in the UK for James and the pleasure I got from actually being there in his presence. If only I could have attended more, but I treasure the memories I did get to, the wonderful people I have got to meet sharing our joy in his music. I am sure this will never end. Thank you so much for your wonderful team. Pamela Read

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