In early anticipation of our own articles, we collect here all the articles published in the press about Pas de Deux, the double concerto written by James Horner, the world premiere of which took place on Thursday, November 13, 2014 at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall.
Here are two interviews where James Horner discusses the creation of Pas de Deux and his reasons for returning to the concert world.
By Catherine Jones, 10th November 2014
By Rob Weinberg, 13th November 2014,
By Rob Weinberg, 13th November 2014,
This third interview features audio clips. According to James Horner, there would be a third commission after Pas de Deux and room his piece for four horns. He confides his own nervousness about the public reception of Pas de Deux.
By Knut Selsjord, 13th November 2014,
This article paints portraits of James Horner, Hakon and Mari Samuelsen then talks about the value of the instruments used by the two musicians. It features two pictures from the rehearsals.
By Mark McNulty, 14th November 2014,
This article reveals information about the restoration of the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall and features a picture of James Horner on stage with Hakon Samuelsen, Mari Samuelsen, and Vasily Petrenko.
By Tim Ashley, 14th November 2014,
By Joe Riley, 13th November 2014,
Samuelsen Duo, RLPO, Petrenko, Philharmonic Hall, Liverpool
by Glyn Môn Hughes, 16th November 2014,
Photo Credit: © Mark McNulty

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