After reissuing and expanding the 1989 score for Dad in late 2023, Quartet Records has just announced their new edition of Uncommon Valor, the 1983 Paramount Pictures score previously released in 2010 by Intrada, which was a premiere release at the time.

The cover of the 2010 edition of Intrada

This new reissue features similar contents, but with an additional 12 minutes of added material, including an alternate mix of the Main Title, an expansion of the Main Title Extension, and an alternate for the wild Vietnamese overlay meant for that Extension.

The Intrada album from 2010 was produced by James Horner and mastered by Douglass Fake, while this new 2024 reissue is produced by Dan Goldwasser and mastered by Chris Malone, who recently worked on Intrada’s reissue of Battle Beyond the Stars.

Shades of In Country in its main theme and fanfares from Star Trek III: The Search For Spock color this vibrant, energetic and percussive action adventure score, filled with snare drum solos and accented by grandiose Asian-inspired elements for the Vietnamese setting.


1. Vietnamese Solo / Main Title (7:31)
2. Airport (2:21)
3. Tag (2:49)
4. A Lot of us Have Been Killed (1:26)
5. Steal the Sucker (1:44)
6. First trek / Yellow Rain (2:45)
7. Pan Over Hill / Wilkes in Tunnel (7:35)
8. Attack Airbase (3:14)
9. Escape Airbase (3:22)
10. Copters Over Hill (2:51)
11. Final Escape (2:21)
12. End Credits (3:42)
13. Brothers in the Night* (4:48)

Bonus Tracks
14. Main Title (Alternate Mix) (7:15)
15. Main Title Extension (Expanded) (3:08)
16. Parade Ground (3:58)
17. Main Title Extension Vietnamese Overlay (Alternate) (3:15)

Total Disc Time: 64:14

*Performed by Ray Kennedy • Written by Ray Kennedy, Kevin Dukes and David Ritz

Available now!

Recently in a 2023 Slashfilm retrospective on The Mask of Zorro, film editor Thom Noble called James Horner’s score for Uncommon Valor ‘insane’ and claimed ‘This is the most arrogant score I have ever come across’. Compliment taken! Dismissed!

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