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JAMES HORNER FILM MUSIC | August 1, 2021 |

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Jean-Baptiste Martin
On February 23, Editions Milan Music will release the music of James Horner composed for Jean-Jacques Annaud's newest movie, Wolf Totem. Milan Music confirmed physical and digital release.

The track listing:
1. Leaving for the Country (Main Theme) (2:17)
2. Wolves Stalking Gazelles (4:19)
3. An Offering to Tengger / Chen Saves the Last Wolf Pup (9:22)
4. Wolves Attack the Horses (4:49)
5. A Red Ribbon (3:20)
6. The Frozen Lake (4:42)
7. Discovering Hidden Dangers (2:46)
8. Little Wolf (3:27)
9. Scaling the Walls (4:07)
10. Suicide Pact (2:17)
11. Hunting the Wolves (6:04)
12. Death of A’ba (1:35)
13. Return to the Wild (9:52)
Time: 00:58:57
Note: the track of 9 minutes we talk about in our preview of the score was divided into two parts: Attack the Wolves Horses (4:49) and The Frozen Lake (4:42). And two tracks about the wolf pups are combined into one: An Offering to Tengger / Chen Saves the Last Wolf Pup (9:22)

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  1. Pamela Read

    This is one CD not in my collection, so far. However, on playing Collage-The Last Work, over and over again, I’m in another world when I play that track Return to the Wild. It is beautiful in every way. Makes me wish even more that I had had the chance to say to James what a wonderful musician he was. Pamela.

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