[tab]1.  	Eyes Of The Heart (04:42) Performed by India.Arie 2.  	We Can Work it Out (03:16) Performed by Stevie Wonder 3.  	That Lady, Pt. 1 (03:13) Performed by The Isley Brothers 4.  	I'll Be Around (03:12) Performed by The Spinners 5.  	If You Don't Know Me By Now (03:27) Performed by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes 6.  	Sha La La (Make Me Happy) (02:57) Performed by Al Green 7.  	We're An American Band (03:26) Performed by Grand Funk Railroad 8.  	China Grove (03:15) Performed by The Doobie Brothers 9.  	Wake Up Everybody (Part 1) (03:43) Performed by Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes 10.  	The Rubberband Man (03:34) Performed by The Spinners 11.  	Be Thankful for What You Got (03:26) Performed by William DeVaughn 12.  	Going in Circles (04:09) Friends of Distinction 13.  	Radio's Day (04:19) featuring India.Arie 14.  	Gift of the Ball (01:45) 15.  	Learning the Ropes (01:53) 16.  	Being Left Behind (02:40) 17.  	Resignation (04:41) 18.  	Never So Alone (07:12) featuring India.Arie 19.  	Night Game (02:39) 20.  	Radio (04:08) Performed by Chuck Brodsky


Préparation de la musique : Bob Bornstein
Montage : Jim Henrikson, Lisa Jaim, Kenneth Karman
Assistant des monteurs : Ramiro Belgardt
Responsable de l'orchestre : Sandy DeCrescent et Peter Rotter
Orchestrations : James Horner, Randy Kerber
Ingénieur du son : Simon Rhodes
Voix : India.Arie
Studio d'enregistrement : Todd-AO Scoring Stage, Studio City
Eyes Of The Heart
Ecrit par James Horner, India.Arie, Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, Big Jim Wright et Obatalye Samuel
Produit par Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis, et Big Jim Wright
Interprétée par India.Arie



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