We are pleased to share with you six unpublished images of James Horner taken by Simon Franglen in 2009 and 2012. The notes were written by Simon Franglen especially for this article.


Crater Camp – This was our base for almost a year during the recording of Avatar.  You see James on the phone, with Ian Underwood, Simon Rhodes and Jim Henrikson.

James & Mike Knobloch during the mixing of Avatar. Mike was head of production for Fox Music at the time, he’s now head of Music for Universal. We were at Record One mixing in October 2009

Avatar – The final orchestral session at The Newman Stage. James was thanking the orchestra after we’d finished the final cue.

James and Simon Rhodes – Mixing Avatar at Record One.

James, Jim Henrikson and Ian Underwood at Spidey House – our new home for ‘The Amazing Spider-Man

James and Jim once more in Spidey House.

© Photos courtesy of Simon Franglen


  1. Having just come across this article, for some reason I never noticed it before, these images hep me to realize that he is still alive, just not in the way we want him to be alive. He lives in his music, the pictures, the movies, the interviews, in us as his fans. I know it sounds kinda cheesy or even a tad bit corny. These pictures make me happy and sad at the same time. As a fan, I thank you guys so much for these, and a special thanks to Simon for taking them.

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