On the upcoming release of "The Magnificent Seven" on Blu-ray December 20th, one of the included bonus features focuses on the creation of the score, titled "Magnificent Music".

In the piece you hear from director Antoine Fuqua, who recalls the story of how he and James Horner first discussed the film, Horner's passing, and of course when his team delivered the initial set of themes.

Accompanying comments from the film's producers and Horner's team, including Joe Rand, Simon Rhodes, Jim Henrikson and of course Simon Franglen, are many shots of the orchestra recording and examples of both the Elmer Bernstein title theme, and Horner's own take on the material.

They all speak to wanting the music to not only serve the film first and foremost, but also that they came together as a real family to celebrate James Horner's legacy.

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  1. I have been away for three weeks without getting any JHFM updates and can only say I’ve missed if so very much. It is great to read the recent articles which have become a real part of my life. thank you. Just a little story to add, as we walked along the promenade near Madeira, a young lady came from behind me, took my left arm and started to sing out loud If We Hold On Together. I started to sing with her,never knew her or saw her again but she said she loved James Horner music. I was astounded, I will never forget it, it was as though she was sent to cheer me as I missed my JHFM. A real magical moment for me. May I wish everyone at JHFM, Jean-Baptiste and everyone, a very Happy Christmas and a James-filled 2017. Thankyou again for your welcomed hard work. Pamela.

  2. I still cannot believe that this is the last official score we will ever receive from him. I’ve listened to the score over 10 times now and I have to say- it’s one of the best. It still kills me to know that I’ll never meet him and that we won’t get anything else from him in the future other than re-releases of his older works. This is a really great article. Thank you for sharing. Happy Holidays.

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