In our interview, Roger Feigelson said that the next Horner project would be a score from the eighties, in his own terms: “a great, great score“. We did not have any idea of when this would occur and we had to guess between the greatest scores that James Horner did in the eighties: An American Tail? Cocoon? Willow? The Land Before Time?
We did not have to wait too long as the news broke: Cocoon, which is probably one of the most famous of all James Horner’s eighties scores and the beginning of his collaboration with director Ron Howard, now has an expanded edition thanks to Intrada. The album will be available next 4 November.
Tracklist of the CD:
01 Through The Window 2:58
02. Going To The Pool 1:55
03. Pool Is Closed 2:10
04. Mysterious Dive 1:54
05. Seduction/Let’s Go 2:10
06. Unveiling 1:05
07. Discovered In The Poolhouse 2:47
08. A Relapse 1:27
09. The Lovemaking 4:24
10. First Tears 1:51
11. Rose’s Death 2:14
12. Returning To Sea 4:16
13. Sad Goodbye 2:15
14. Sneaking Away 3:15
15. David Runs To The Boat 1:53
16. The Chase 4:30
17. The Ascension 6:01
18. Theme From Cocoon 6:05
19. The Boys Are Out 2:37
20. I Feel Great 1:05
21. Rock Source 1:13
22. Gravity 4:00
Total time: 62:25
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