In early June we announced the release of Collage for this fall. and have provided new details.
The album, titled "Collage – The Last Work" will be released on September 23, 2016.
Mercury Classics will make an official announcement in a couple of days which will be followed by audio excerpts, video footage …
[divider]FIRST DETAILS[/divider]
Aside from Collage which has a 22 minute duration, the album will feature new interpretations of music from Legends of The Fall, For Greater Glory, Wolf Totem, Iris, Aliens and for the first time two pieces of music from the 2012 short film First in Flight.
After listening to the album in its entirety, we can say that the two pieces from First in Flight justify the purchase as an added bonus to the main work. They are sublime. More information in our exclusive review early September.
Tracklist :
1 Conquest Of The Air (From "First In Flight") 05:24
2 The Ludlows (From "Legends Of The Fall") 06:21
3 José's Martyrdom (From "For Greater Glory") 03:58
4 Kitty Hawk (From "First In Flight") 10:06
5 Little Wolf (From "Wolf Totem") 03:41
6 Return To The Wild (From "Wolf Totem") 09:46
7 Part I (From "Iris") 3:50
8 Main Title & Ripley's Rescue ("Aliens – Suite No.1") 11:30
9 Collage – Part I – 04:03
10 Collage – Part II – 04:03
11 Collage – Part III – 04:19
12 Collage – Part IV – 03:43
13 Collage – Part V – 03:00
14 Collage – Part VI – 02:53
[divider]CONTEST – TWO COPIES TO WIN[/divider]
In partnership with Mercury Classics, we are organizing a contest to celebrate the release of Collage. On September 2 we will draw two reviews that been posted between August 10 and September 1. The authors of these reviews will win a copy of Collage. The more reviews you post and your chances of winning increase. A similar competition will likely be launched in September for The Magnificent Seven.
Reminder: To submit your comments on any given Horner album, simply go to the album, click the Reviews tab to write a text of your desired length, choose your rating and there you are!
The winners are:
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  1. I have just read your latest info as have been away. 14th August was a special a special day for me to remember James,by being in Honfleur France. I am thrilled to bits by this news of the cd. It was such a special event last March, I cannot wait to hold and hear this cd of music. And I love the title too. so special. Pamela.

  2. looking forward to this release with joy. some really nice pairings, for example the marvellous finale of “wolf totem” and “legends of the fall”.

  3. After reading Mari & Hakon Samuelsen’s news that they are today playing Pas de Deux at the Holywood Bowl, I am even more delighted to learn they are playing on the Collage CD. I’m sure James would have loved this. How can we ask them to return to UK to play Pas de Deux? Pamela

  4. You can hear the full track “James Horner: José’s Martyrdom (From “For Greater Glory”)” from the Album “Collage” on Spotify now. Conducted by David Arnold…

  5. Now I have the CD of Collage-The Last Work, what a wonderful tribute to James. It simply is gorgeous, every piece. The musicians and everyone involved in giving us this, thank you so much. Mari and Hakon, David, Richard,James, John, Liverpool Philhamonic-more please, this is wonderful. Pamela.

  6. just listened to COLLAGE for the first time. almost had to cry. first rate. it contains everything what one could wish for. so happy now.

  7. I realize I am repeating myself but by my keep playing Collage, in between ‘7’ and ’33’, this is such a wonderful collection of music. I believe it is James Horner at his best, he really would have loved it. I hope his family love it as much as me. Thank you to all concerned in bringing this to us all. Pamela.

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