In 2013, we published a story informing you that James Horner's visit to Hollywood in Vienna was an exceptional event not to be missed. We discussed the city, the symbols, Harry Horner, Max Steiner… Even though the Maestro didn't lead the orchestra, the magic was there. Today the composer only exists in our hearts and through his music, but that magic will reappear when Titanic Live makes its one-night-only west coast premiere in the United States.
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This is no coincidence. Our readers know this date well. The concert will take place exactly 4 years to the day of that plane accident that took James Horner away. It's a sad anniversary but the symbolism is strong. The emotions already powerful when viewing and listening to Titanic will then be increased tenfold. Mourning is about recollection, living the present while recalling memories, continuing to move forward despite the absence. Those in attendance affected by the composer's passing will be present on the evening of Saturday, June 22, 2019 in tribute for this exceptional artist, this magnificent spirit left too soon. The evening will be all the more exceptional with the presence of Sara Horner, the composer's widow, who is organizing an official tribute.
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Titanic Live is entering its fourth year of performance. Proof of the good fortune of this unique show. It all started in Lucerne and shined brightly at the Royal Albert Hall on April 27, 2015. James was happy to participate in these inaugural trips. He intended to be in Paris on June 26 and 27, but fate decided otherwise. For those who love Titanic, watching the film again is never a source of boredom or weariness. The three hours seem to be only two, the emotions felt during that initial viewing reemerge. This film is a masterpiece, as is James' music. Seeing these two elements marry before our eyes, right into our hearts, is an unforgettable pleasure.
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James Horner, director James Cameron, conductor Ludwig Wicki and producer Jon Landau
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There is no need for introduction with the name Ludwig Wicki. He is the absolute expert in this type of performance. There is no one more experienced than him. He worked closely with James to conceive of and give life to Titanic Live. He had replaced James Horner at the Royal Albert Hall's performance, and conducted the tribute concert in October 2017. His presence in front of New West Symphony is a sign of quality and respect for the composer's work. The orchestra is entering its 25th season. The resumes of the main musicians are quite impressive, such as the violinist Alyssa Park and especially French Horn principal James Thatcher, friend of the composer who accompanied him throughout his career as early as Cocoon, a landmark work in James' emotional pallette, and right up until Collage, the last work completed by James Horner. Another loyal collaborator will also be present. A leading voice who has brought such depth and vibrancy to James' musical world is Eric Rigler, "the most recorded piper of all time". His presence had already brought invaluable prestige to the James Horner concert: A Life of Music. Let us count on him to captivate our hearts with the uilleann pipes and tin whistles that the composer loved so much. The two choirs The All-American Boys Chorus and Los Robles Children's Choir will obviously perform the choral part with sparkle. These choirs have existed for 50 and 25 years respectively. Finally, on vocals, we will meet Maria Zouroudis, a young artist with 50,000 subscribers on Youtube. Just listen to her for a few moments to understand that she is perfectly qualified to take over from Sissel and Clara Sanabras. The performance will be of a high standard, worthy of the tribute paid.
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This is the first time Titanic Live has been held in California, birthplace of the composer himself. Place of residence of the husband and father of the family. Place where the artist who loved to fly passed on. Thousand Oaks is located exactly between Camarillo airport where James Horner took off to fly and Calabasas, where he lived, where his daughters grew up. It's not very far from Studio City and the late TODD-AO Scoring Stage, the place where the composer recorded his most accomplished music. In Thousand Oaks you will therefore be in James Horner's world, even if his heart was shared with London, the city where he grew up. During the concert, when the sun sets and the first stars fade, you can surely turn west and behind the elegant curve drawn on the horizon by the Santa Monica Mountains you can imagine a forest, a place preserved from human madness where one of the greatest artists of our time lived.
On June 22, at the newly built William Rolland Stadium at California Lutheran University, Titanic Live will celebrate one of the composer's greatest works. An evening full of symbols and emotion that it would be a shame to miss. Come and experience this unique performance with us.

New West Symphony will perform Titanic Live at California Lutheran University on June 22nd.  https://newwestsymphony.org/home/titanic-live/

Courtesy of New West Symphony Orchestra Presented by New West Symphony Association in partnership with CSUN/The Soraya and California Lutheran University.
TITANIC Live is an Avex Classics International Production


  1. How I wish I could go, but alas, I must go to work. I’ve been counting down the days for three months now, just wishing I could go and experience it for myself! I’ll listen to the soundtrack that night and experience it in another way.

  2. Thank you, Nick, for a wonderful piece on this special week of Remembrance. Plus the piece from James Thatcher is so lovely to hear his words. I was one of the fortunate people there for Collage at the Royal Festival Hall, and we are the lucky ones to have the music recorded.
    Like many many others,I so wish I could be there this Saturday but will be thinking of all the musicians and those involved with the event for James. Thank you. Pamela Read.

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