A month after James Horner’s tragic death on June 22, Film Score Monthly honors him with the following program:
– An article written by Tim Burden with previously unpublished images like the photo at top picturing, left to right, James Thatcher, John Ryan, James Horner, David Pyatt and Richard Watkins. This photo was taken on the evening of the world premiere of Collage in late March 2015. The article features a conversation with Hugh Seenan, friend of the composer and principal French horn London Symphony Orchestra between 1984 and 1997.
Here is an excerpt from that conversation:
"James Horner was a wonderful and exceptional film composer, and he was a very nice man indeed. Very gentle man, very soft-spoken chap and he was very supportive of all the musicians he worked with."
– A retrospective tribute to James Horner’s Star Trek scores by Charlie Brigden
– A personal retrospective from Cary Wong
– An article by Gergely Hubai on the rejected score for Young Guns with unreleased comments from Tony Hinnigan.
"It’s difficult to sum up how the score sounded in a few words. Mainly I would say that it had a dark quality from the synth sounds that were used, and sustained tension from toyo (bass pan pipe) riffing. The bagpipes of Tommy McCarthy added an unusual quality in a western."
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