When we published our 2013 article on the James Horner Symposium in Vienna, our readers asked us to provide the entire video of the event. We chose not to do so out of respect for the event organizers and also out of hope that a publisher would one day release the complete concert and event. That day has finally arrived! Varese Sarabande president Robert Townson has announced such a release via Facebook:

Varèse Sarabande Blu-ray
Coming June, 2016
"On June 22 it will have been one year since we lost James Horner in a tragic plane crash. It was an unimaginable loss. A brilliant composer with a legendary career, so busy and so vital to his film music community, lost so suddenly. There was a profound and deeply felt grief that was shared by so many. An excerpt from the Facebook text I wrote expressing my own sadness that terrible evening:
"James was embracing and beginning a whole new chapter of his musical life — concert music composition and live performance. I cherish the time and opportunity I had with him at Hollywood In Vienna in 2013. I conducted a symposium for one hour and twenty minutes, discussing James’ memories of certain films and the creative process of composing. James teared up three times during our talk and he told me that the concert tribute to him there was the first time he had heard his film music in a concert hall. The whole trip to Vienna was a very emotional experience for James, who had a special tie to the city through his father, who spent his youth there. The event was something of a pilgrimage for James. It was an honor to speak with him and an absolute joy to sit three seats from him and watch him enjoy a concert of highlights of his life’s work. The concert was brilliantly conducted by David Newman.”
In the following days I heard from so many people who found so much solace in seeing photos and footage of this concert, and this made a great impression on me. I knew that this was a concert that had to be shared and had to be available to James’ fans around the world. And now it is!
Coming in June will be Varèse Sarabande’s first Blu-ray release
Hollywood In Vienna: The World of James Horner
A deluxe presentation in every way.
The Blu-ray includes:
– The complete concert in HD and DTS 5.1 surround sound
– The 75-minute symposium I conducted with James
– A 32-page full color booklet with notes and photos on the whole historic and very moving celebration of James Horner in Vienna
The program included music from James’ most-loved scores including Avatar, Titanic, Braveheart, Willow, The Rocketeer, An American Tail, A Beautiful Mind and many more. I am so happy to finally be able to share the images, the memories and the music that I have cherished myself, so much over the last year. In memory of James, and for his countless fans all over the world… Hollywood In Vienna: The World of James Horner – A Varèse Sarabande Blu-ray."
Robert Townson


  1. This really is wonderful news.Like Zoe, I can’t wait for this to be released.How I so wish we could have been there on that very special evening back in 2013. Let us hope this will be the start of many tributes to be released,I.e. COLLAGE, ROMEO & JULIET. Thank you. Pamela.

    1. Like Pamela, I would love to see more tribute concerts and other tribute works out our there for him. I would love to hear what he had written for Romeo and Juliet before it was subsequently rejected by the filmakers.

  2. As I was at the Royal Festival Hall, I have heard the wonderful Collage music and can’t wait to hear it again. BUT Romeo and Juliet, also recorded, none of us have heard. reading the comments when the recording took place, it must be a masterpiece. Hope Zoe is going to attend Aliens.

  3. Put the Blu-Ray edition in my mom’s wishlist. Won’t be able to get it until she has the money for it though. Just a real treasure for this release.

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