61, Happy Birthday Maestro!
Remember when we celebrated James Horner's 60th birthday on 14 August 2013 by publishing a long nostalgic article remembering good times past, and sprinkled with a hint of pessimism about the composer's future of his career. (See here)
A year later, the gloom changed into impatience, joy and excitement.
Impatience because we are only a few weeks away from the premiere of the Double Concerto Pas de Deux. The piece for four horns will then follow next spring.
Joy because his music will resound again in theaters with Gabriele Muccino's film by Fathers and Daughters and with the documentary Aviation: The Invisible Highway, both scheduled to come out in 2015. Update: Paolo Buonvino will finally be the composer of Fathers and Daughters.
Excitement as we will see James Horner conduct his most famous score at the Titanic Live on April 27, 2015 in London.
It is therefore a very emotional year to come and our team will be happy to live it with you.
Waiting to share these events together we added some new features to the website:
In the Collaborations section:
For each page the presentation of the albums and the list of the articles were revised.
28 pages were added in English (and soon in French).

Here is the list:
In the More section:
A Chants and Song page was added. It includes all the songs in the composer's work.
A Concert Works page briefly describes each concert work composed by James Horner.
In the Discography section:
The details for each album were enriched notably with information about music editors and their assistants, orchestra contractors, music copyists… The database has been developed to increase the connections between the discography section and the collaborations section.
Finally we open our publications to comments.
You can react by leaving a comment at the bottom of each news or article.
This activation is experimentally and we will not hesitate to cancel it if problems arise. All comments will be moderated and must respect anyone's opinion. Any offensive or off-topic comment will not be published.
So thank you for following these simple rules:
  • Post only about the article.
  • Be courteous with other users.
  • Interventions should be clear and easy to understand.
  • Do not post any sexual or violent content.
  • Do not post links to illegal downloads or to unofficial YouTube videos or to any illegal contents.
Other minor improvements are also worth noting:
If you type the name of a song in the search bar, the page of the corresponding album will show in the results.
Album covers can be enlarged with a click on the Tracklists page.
We hope you will enjoy these few additions. If you notice any errors on the website or in our database, please contact us. Thank you in advance. 
Photo credits:
Titanic: © 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures, Lightstorm Entertainment
Fathers and Daughters: © Andrea Leone Films / Busted Shark Productions / Fear of God Films /Voltage Pictures
Aviation: The Invisible Highway: © Terwilliger Productions
Hakon & Mari Samuelsen: © Charlotte Spetalen – Raymond Weil – Genève

4 thoughts on “61 AND NEW CONTENT ON THE SITE”

  1. Jean-Baptiste Martin

    @nico-colin Yes you’re right! This event will take place Monday 27 April 2015 – 7:00 PM.
    Thank you!

  2. You were right about the emotional year. When do you think his picture will be shown on the ‘In Memoriam’ at the Oscars this year. I have a little more in common with James than people might think. I was born on the very special day of James Horner’s 48th birthday. It’s something I have held close to my heart when I found out who he was when I was nine. I wish he were still here making music for movies.

    1. I have just read about Zoe’s birthday being the same as James, on the 14th August. What a special day to be born on-you will never forget what you shared with this wonderful man who made so many people happy with his beautiful music. Happy day Zoe for last Sunday. Pamela.

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