Intrada has gifted us once more! Beginning with the score for the cartoon short film Tummy Trouble (included in the Who Framed Roger Rabbit? soundtrack collection with music by Alan Silvestri) in January of this year, following up with two issues of Living In the Age of Airplanes and The Boy In The Striped Pajamas in April and May, Intrada continues to enrich James Horner's recording pantheon.

This latest album is *batteries not included, an Amblin production from 1987 in which Steven Spielberg's magical touch clearly shows, in particular in the emotional predicament of the characters and the appearance of the marvelous to unravel the situation. For this film by Matthew Robbins (Dragonslayer), James Horner skillfully mixes the symphonic sound that made him known since the Roger Corman days with the Big Band approach that he explored in Cocoon, released in 1985 and that he would revisit in 1988 for Cocoon The Return, as well as a darker material that illustrates the malicious acts of the film's antagonists.

The charming score of *batteries not included was published in 1987 by MCA in the United States and then in Japan, but quickly fell out of print, making it one of the most sought-after CDs by James Horner's admirers.

Intrada, in collaboration with Universal, offers the entire recording of the score running 90 minutes – which doubles the length of the music previously available – spread over two discs, plus a presentation of the original album. We appreciate the inclusion of unused music in the film and previously unreleased moments with an Americana touch missing from the MCA recording.

Find the complete exclusive analysis of the music of the movie *Batteries Not Included by Kjell Neckebroeck HERE.

The 2-CD of * Batteries Not Included is available on store.intrada.com
Thanks to Roger Feigelson (Intrada)

CD 1 Complete Soundtrack
01. Main Title (4:55)
02. Cuban Memories (3:40)
03. Cafe Swing (3:32)
04. Getting Old (1:32)
05. Night Visitors (8:49)
06. The Morning After (2:46)
07. Riley’s Café (2:52)
08. The Bread Box (1:41)
09. Carlos (2:11)
10. Aerial Ballet (6:05)
11. Marisa And Mason (1:56)
12. New Babies (3:45)
13. Hamburger Rhumba (3:39)
14. Blocked Plumbing (1:35)
15. Marisa’s Paintings (1:02)
16. The Flying Lesson (7:51)
17. The Basement (4:47)
18. Babies Buzz New York (2:26)
CD 1 Total Time: 65:57
CD 2 Complete Soundtrack(Continued)
01. Times Square And Farewell (6:07)
02. Arson (6:08)
03. Out Of The Ashes (2:51)
04. A New Family/End Credits (8:30)
Time: 23:45
Total Soundtrack Time: 89:42

Original 1987 Soundtrack Album
05. Main Title (4:55)
06. Night Visitors (8:49)
07. Hamburger Rhumba (3:39)
08. New Babies (3:45)
09. Cafe Swing (3:32)
10. Times Square And Farewell (6:07)
11. Arson (6:08)
12. A New Family/End Credits (8:30)
Album Time: 45:43
CD 2 Total Time: 69:33

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