The world premiere of Collage, the new concerto for four horns and orchestra composed by James Horner, took place on Friday, March 27, 2015 at the Royal Festival Hall in London.
The last rehearsal with the composer was held in the morning. Like in Liverpool on the occasion of Pas de Deux, we could see James Horner provide his final comments to the musicians and conductor Jaime Martin.
In the afternoon, we had the honor to interview horn player David Pyatt on the creation of Collage, the place of the horn in James Horner’s music, and a possible recording of the concerto.

Finally in the evening, the performance of the four horn players and of the London Philharmonic Orchestra was extremely beautiful, lighting a full hall with the dazzling character of this new concert work. Professional, beaming, talented, partners… this is how we could describe the quartet of John Ryan, James Thatcher, David Pyatt and Richard Watkins. Their pleasure in performing this work was contagious.
Once the piece ended, conductor Jaime Martin invited James Horner to join him on stage to greet the public under generous applause.
James Horner commented to us:
"It was a great performance. It sounded exactly like I would have expected it to sound."
We will publish in the near future our report on Collage, which will include exclusive pictures and our interviews with James Horner and David Pyatt.
James Horner Film Music's team gratefully acknowledges Tim Burden and George Chambers for making possible the coverage of this event.
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