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JAMES HORNER FILM MUSIC | December 10, 2023 |

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Jean-Baptiste Martin
After the inaugural cruise in 2015, the Titanic Live event returns this year and left Europe for Asia. Note that a concert on US soil was announced in San Jose but was canceled recently.
Update: Titanic Live is coming to the United States with a premiere at the Ravinia Festival in Highland Park, IL (near Chicago) on July 29 and July 30, 2016.

05. March 2016 – Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
06. March 2016 – Kaohsiung City, Taiwan
31. March 2016 – Stuttgart
01. April 2016 – Stuttgart
05. April 2016 – Osaka
06. April 2016 – Osaka
08. April 2016 – Munich
09. April 2016 – Munich
10. April 2016 – Munich
10. April 2016 – Tokyo
12. April 2016 – Nuremberg
29. July 2016 – Illinois, US premiere
30. July 2016 – Illinois, US premiere
15. October 2016 – Moscow
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  1. Wendy

    Will this come to San Jose at some point? Thank you!

    • Jean-Baptiste Martin

      Hi Wendy,
      San Jose concert was canceled. It will take place perhaps in the tour 2017 …

  2. Pamela Read

    I have started my morning on this special day, April 27th, to mark the first anniversary of that wonderful, memorable event which took place at the Royal Albert Hall last year, by playing my boxed set of Titanic. I really cannot believe that one year has passed.I will never forget that evening with James sitting right in front of us for his talk priror to the film.. Pamela

  3. Pamela Read

    After two wonderful Titanic Live events at the Royal Albert Hall, I was really pleased to discover today that Classic FM radio station, 25 years old this year, announced Titanic as the No.1 classical music, the best of 300 pieces of music, during these years.Well done to all the musicians, soloists and everyone involved. Plus a few lovely lines from James’s widow, Sarah. His family must be very proud. Thank you to Simon Franglen who was also involved in No2, Russell Watson. The live shows are featured all around the world now so James’s wonderful score “will go on”. Pamela.

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