In this article we have compiled some information regarding the projects for 2015. We remind you that the nearest major event is the world premieres of Pas de Deux, the double concerto for violin and cello, on 12 and 13 November in Liverpool.
[divider]Very little information for Aviation[/divider]
Since the news of James Horner's involvement in the documentary Aviation: The Invisible Highway last July, we have received very few information.
The great composer Peter Boyer, involved in the project as orchestrator, shared his enthusiasm on his facebook page:
Just finished orchestrating some terrific music for a James Horner score, for a documentary IMAX film called Aviation: The Invisible Highway. Forthcoming in early 2015, narrated by Harrison Ford, this looks like it will be exciting. Here's a link to the trailer:    Grateful for the opportunity to be involved with another James Horner project.
Then the composer and arranger Steve Sidwell, who has worked with Robbie Williams and George Michael, shared a photo taken on July 20, 2014 at the Air Studio 1. We can see Simon Franglen and Simon Rhodes. The recording was for a big band with three percussionists.
[divider]The wolf comes out of his den[/divider]
From September 14 to 17, James Horner recorded the music of Jean-Jacques Annaud's next film Wolf Totem.
During six sessions at the Air Studios in London, the Maestro conducted a symphony orchestra in the presence of Tony Hinnigan and his wide range of ethnic instruments.
Steve Mair, a double bassist who participated in the recording sessions and worked on Romeo & Juliet, Black Gold and For Greater Glory told us:
"As we were at Air Studios we didn't get to see the film on the big screen like we normally do at Abbey Road Studio 1. Such a pity for us musicians because there's something magical recording to picture especially when James Horner is at the helm, as it were. However, it's a very fine sound at Air and the orchestra sounded magnificent especially in the big epic cues which, I'm sure, will be amazing to picture in the film. It's symphonic with a sweeping epic feel.
Pieces that are great to play are usually great to listen to because the players can put so much more into them. James Horner is old school in that he doesn't adhere strictly to a click but guides us through the cue using a system of flashes and streamers on screen to mark the hit points of the cue. This gives a fluidity of playing and a good vibe to the listener who would imagine the music seems live."
[divider]No Fathers and Daughters for James Horner[/divider]
Between finishing the composition of the Double Concerto Pas de Deux, working on the music of Aviation: The invisible Highway and Wolf Totem, we hardly imagine James Horner find time to participate in Fathers and Daughters, the post-production of which ending mid-October.
A few days ago we noticed that James Horner was replaced by Paolo Buonvino on the IMDb page of Fathers and Daughters. The Italian composer confirmed us that he was involved in Gabriele Muccino's film scheduled for early 2015.
There will be no Fathers and Daughters for James Horner.

Photo credits:
Aviation: The Invisible Highway: © Steve Sidwell Ltd
Wolf Totem: © China Film Group / Reperage
Fathers and Daughters: © Andrea Leone Films / Busted Shark Productions / Fear of God Films / Voltage Pictures

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